How Do You Work in A Cloud??

Working with an agent who is in a “cloud brokerage” has a few advantages for consumers. Whether you’re in Dover, Delaware or elsewhere. If it didn’t… I wouldn’t be here. So, what da heck IS a cloud brokerage?? First off, a cloud is different than virtual. I have an office that I can go to… online… and walk around… online… and chat with others live who are there while I’m there.

Sounds pretty high-tech, eh?

Actually, it’s pretty simple. I click on my office website and it logs me in as an avatar in seconds. Pretty neat.

But I can take education classes there. I’m more inclined to take more classes in this cloud office than I am to get in my car and drive hours someplace and hours back. So I get more education on being a smarter agent for my clients. I take a lot more education these days and I see how it’s paying off by being able to discuss more with clients and get homes sold.

Also, because the instructors can be anywhere, we get a top notch set of instructors, instead of hoping they come to the area where I’m at. So I end up being better educated by better instructors for you.

If I need an answer to a problem, I can hop into that cloud office and ask the right people for answers and get them fast. And what I’ve found to be especially helpful is the networking of agents from around the country who’s minds I can pick.

I was stumped on a listing that wasn’t getting showings enough and got some great ideas on marketing it to different niches. These ideas came from real estate agents in Arizona, Washington and other places. What a resource!

I like being a real estate agent with eXp Realty. It’s where real estate has been heading and it’s here now. And you end up benefiting.

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