A Funny Kodak Moment Showing New Homes in Dover, DE

Ah, the joys of showing new homes here in Dover, Delaware.  Let”s face it, being a real estate agent can be a lot of fun at times. The other day I was both charmed AND had to turn away to hid a giggle.

I was hosting the model home at Clearview Meadow in Dover.  There”s lots to look at in the model. It”s very pretty, nicely decorated and the community offers quite a bit, including townhomes, villas and single family homes.

An elderly gentleman walked in with his adult daughter and his 5 year old granddaughter. The 5-year-old is toting an iPhone, and… yeah, she knows how to use it.  So, as we”re touring the home for the daughter, the little one is shutter-clicking flash pictures of everything… doorknobs… ceiling fans… fake fruit, you name it, she”s snapping it.  Determined, no doubt,  to record it all for Mommy.  And having an absolute blast.

Right up to the time when granddad turned to her and said,

“OK Honey, that”s enough… you don”t want to waste anymore film.”

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