Good to See These Folks in Central Delaware

Home Buyers in Dover Delaware are exploring.

Hampton_Hills_sign     Along with working with buyers and sellers, one of my specialties is handling new home communities for builders.  And quite regularly, I’ll host a model home.  My time in models allows me to be on the front lines and really get to see the current market. This is great for keeping the finger on the pulse of trends in preferences, conditions, traffic, etc.   (btw, ‘ espresso’  tones are the hottest choice for kitchen cabinets right now)   I’m not meeting one or two buyers a months, I’m meeting a LOT.

Over the last few months I’m seeing something that I didn’t see in ’07 thru ’11.

I’m seeing potential buyers walking in who haven’t talked to a mortgage rep yet, not sure what their credit is, BUT, they”ve seen great rates in the news… heard about great deals… and think its a good time to buy!

Whether they can actually buy or not isn”t the point here though.  These folks are out and about, and at least exploring the possibility to see if they can!  Haven”t seen that in quite awhile.  It”s a good indication that confidence is rising.  I always recommend they contact a good mortgage rep and see where they are in their credit journey and, some are able to buy and some aren”t.

But I think it’s a great sign of what people are thinking and the mood of the consumer.   A year or two ago, they weren”t even considering buying a home, but now… They’re at least exploring the possibility based on how they feel or see the real estate market is now.

And it’s good to see these folks!

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